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Working together to make the world work better.

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Verification Bodies

Ample partners with accreditation and research bodies to verify brand-level sustainability data. With the help of these trusted organisations, we transform complex sustainability information into clear and comparable ratings.
Living Wage FoundationPeta Vegan ApprovedFairminedButter Fly Mark CertifiedLeather Working Group

Impact Partners

We believe we can be part of something bigger than ourselves, and that partnerships are the key to prosperity. We partner with incredible organisations to take action and make a positive difference. By working together, we can create a better world.
Plastic Bank

Collect Ocean-Bound Plastic

Plastic Bank is revolutionising the world’s recycling ecosystem. Using blockchain technology to trace and increase the rate of recycling ocean-bound plastic. In addition to empowering 17,000 collectors in under-served communities, Plastic Bank have already prevented 2 billion plastic bottles from entering our oceans.
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Help Migrants and Refugees

Praxis is an organisation that supports the needs of refugees and people who have migrated and have experienced crises like homelessness, trafficking, or domestic abuse. Praxis Offering support and advice so people can build their lives and home in the UK. Helping people to overcome obstacles, navigate systems they are unfamiliar with and build a sense of belonging.
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Protect Endangered Species

People’s Trust for Endangered Species (PTES) has worked for over 40 years to protect our most threatened and endangered species. Their ground-breaking research has resulted in practical conservation action across the world, targeted where it is most needed and where it will have maximum impact.
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Support Solar Mamas

Barefoot College Int. is increasing economic mobility by training indigenous women to become solar engineers and be a catalyst for change in their communities. The aim is to increase rural resilience by decreasing the reliance on expensive sources of light and fuel. Solar Mamas return home to implement their learnings by building, installing & maintaining home lighting systems, then training the next generation of solar engineers.
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Barefoot Collage