How much does it cost to add positive impact to each sale?

Ample currently works with 3 impact partners for Shopify: Rewilding Europe, Plastic Bank & People’s Trust for Endangered Species. Each impact project has different impact metrics and costs. Please see the below table for a detailed breakdown:

Rewilding Europe
Unit Price (USD)
0.50 ㎡ Nature Rewilded $0.20
1.00 ㎡ Nature Rewilded $0.40
2.00 ㎡ Nature Rewilded $0.80
2.50 ㎡ Nature Rewilded $1.00
Plastic Bank
Unit Price (USD)
10 Plastic Bottles Removed $0.11
20 Plastic Bottles Removed $0.22
50 Plastic Bottles Removed $0.55
100 Plastic Bottles Removed $1.11
People’s Trust for Endangered Species
Unit Price (USD)
0.10 ㎡ Habitat Protected $0.15
0.20 ㎡ Habitat Protected $0.30
0.33 ㎡ Habitat Protected $0.50
0.67 ㎡ Habitat Protected $0.10
1.00 ㎡ Habitat Protected $0.50

Does Ample charge any fees on donations made to impact partners?

NO - Ample does not charge any fees on monies donated to the impact partner. We believe 100% of the donation should go toward making positive impact.

How does Ample make money?

Ample charges a flat fee of $0.10 per transaction.

How do I install Ample’s Impact Badge?

Ample impact badge can be added to all products, the basket and checkout (with shopify plus) by simply dragging and dropping our widget. Please see the instructions below:

How do I make sure the impact is real?

Ample only work with certified environmental and social impact partners. We handpick projects which provide clear and tangible impact metrics so you can be sure the impact made is real!

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