What are Ample's values?

We value integrity, transparency and impartiality in the provision of information.

We recognise the need to help consumers shop sustainably with confidence, which is why we look to simplify complex sustainability data. Our mission is to guide responsible consumption - not dictate how people should shop – giving people the agency to decide how sustainability data can work for them, as price point and convenience are the most important considerations.

Why do I find controversial companies on the app?

To know the full impact of consumption, Ample is working hard to rate all companies people transact with, not only those deemed sustainable. We believe in an inclusive approach to assessing businesses, so we must include companies like fast fashion brands as they account for a large portion of public spending. As an Impact Fintech, Ample connects the worlds of sustainability and payments, aiming to harness the public's spending power to affect sustainable change.

Why am I asked to link my card details?

A payment card linked to the app helps Ample award impact for online and in-store purchases. Users earn points whilst shopping; by exchanging points, users can support environmental and social causes post-purchase. Supporting users to rebalance their basket, do good and measure their positive impact.

We measure impact and award points for in-store purchases with card-linking.

How do the ratings work?

Ample has built a proprietary rating framework to indicate the sustainable performance of both public and private companies. The framework combines verifiable metrics and aggregates data in the public domain to evidence claims. Accounting for accreditations, industry standards, policies, brand disclosures and research data by 3rd party providers.

We work hard to simplify sustainability and distil the complex web of ethical and sustainable data points across three pillars: Planet, People & Principles.

We take a data-driven approach and build evidence-based intelligence to determine brands' sustainable impact. We then look at the relative position of brands within their specific industry and sector to identify the leaders (and the laggards). For publically-listed companies, we separate portfolio businesses and assess each brand on its own merits - coupling our proprietary ratings framework with Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) data.

Why do you not have a more precise rating?

Our current ratings aim to give users a high-level overview of brands' sustainable impact based on information in the public domain, which in certain instances may be limited. We are constantly looking to improve our model and increase the accuracy of our ratings by aggregating data from reliable sources.

All companies listed on Ample have a coloured rating based on their relative performance against their peers. We have a more precise rating in the backend; however, from our research, people want a simple go/no-go indicator, so we use a traffic light system to demonstrate performance on the front end. Therefore, to keep things simple and fair, we currently have a three-coloured rating:

Green (best), Amber (moderate) and Grey (limited information/ or little action).

Ample's rating framework is modular, so that it can continuously evolve and easily integrate new data points as information and regulation emerge.

What do you want to achieve with your ratings?

To help people identify the brands worth trusting and find brands that align with personal values. Ample helps people understand the impact of their choices and decisions by looking at who they buy from and what those businesses stand for.

Ample aims to determine how uniquely positioned companies are in terms of environmental sustainability and social responsibility - encouraging brands to do better business and contribute to the greater welfare of society for future generations.

What if I disagree with Ample's rating?

We use independent data sources, draw on many verifiable or evidence-based data points to determine brands' sustainable performance and conclude findings.

A user's experience with a brand may differ from what Ample's rating reflects. We would love to hear from you if you believe our rating is not a fair reflection – we will take all information into account and review our findings periodically. Please get in touch with us at hello@ample.earth with: Rating + Company Name in the subject line.

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