What do you mean by “Ample”?

We believe there are ample resources to solve the biggest challenges of our time but we need to work together in harmony to solve them. ‘The good earth is rich and can provide for everyone’ - Charlie Chaplin.

What are Ample’s values?

We value transparency, impartiality and inclusion. We are committed to building a more equitable and sustainable future and want to make information easily accessible so we can all make better decisions and have a positive impact on the world.

How do the ratings work?

We have built a proprietary data-driven sustainability framework to rate private companies. For publicly listed companies we source Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) data with a consensus view. All companies listed on the app are given a coloured rating based on their relative performance against their peers.

What do the coloured rings mean?

Our rating distinguishes the sustainable and ethical journey of brands using three colours: Green, Amber and Grey. Please follow this link for a more detailed explanation.

Why do you not have a more precise rating?

Our current ratings aim to provide users with a high-level overview of brands’ sustainability. It is based on information in the public domain which in certain instances may be limited. We are constantly looking to improve our model and increase the accuracy of our ratings by aggregate data from reliable sources. To keep things simple and fair we currently only have three color ratings across three pillars.

What do you want to achieve with your ratings?

The ratings enable users to compare the sustainability of brands and understand the impact of purchases. We believe this will help guide better purchasing decisions and encourage brands to improve their performance.

Why do I find controversial companies on the app?

To know the full impact of consumption we aim to rate every company consumers transact with - not only those deemed sustainable.

What if I disagree with Ample’s rating?

A user’s personal experience with a brand may be different from what Ample's rating reflects. We would love to hear from you if you believe our rating is not a fair reflection. We aim to take all information into account and review our findings periodically. Please feel free to contact us at hello@ample.earth with: Rating + Company Name in the subject line.

Why am I asked to link my card details?

A payment card linked to the app allows Ample to measure a user's impact and award points. Users earn points when they shop, points can be exchanged for offsets: subsequently balancing a user's overall impact. If a in-store purchase is made without card-linking we are unable to measure impact or award points.

Can I make a purchase in the app?

Users can shop with brands listed on the marketplace; users will be directed to the brand's respective web store where they can make purchases.

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